Drinking Water Helps Weight Loss

Many times dehydration comes across as feeling hungry. Before grabbing something to eat, drink a glass of water. You may find you\'re no longer hungry! More »

Need Help Dropping the Pounds?

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Watch Your Fruit Intake

Yes, fruit is \'healthy\' but does contain natural sugars which can hurt your weight loss efforts. Eat fruits in moderation. More »

Vegetables are Your Weight Loss Friend

Whether cooked or raw, veggies are the best choice for snacking to maximize your weight loss efforts. More »

The Trifecta of Weight Loss

Exercise, eating right and lots of water will guarantee your success! If you need further help getting rid of those pounds, click here: http://justweighingin.com/weight-loss-supplements/ More »


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The ad is part of the NFL’s “No More” campaign and it’s based on an actual 911 call from a domestic violence victim, who pretends she’s ordering a pizza because her attacker is still in the room with her. Watch

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